YOMYPACKAGE sends you a Yo to alert you when your package is delivered. This Yo will contain a link for you to view your tracking detail.
What sort of packages are tracked?
We currently track FedEx, USPS, UPS, and LaserShip packages.
What is Yo?
Yo is a zero character messaging app for your smartphone. Download Yo from your favorite app store. More information can be found at
How does YOMYPACKAGE work?
Enter your Yo username and a valid tracking number. Once your package is delivered, YOMYPACKAGE will send you a Yo. Yo YOMYPACKAGE anytime to receive the current status of your delivery. Should you have more than one package being tracked, you'll receive a list of tracking numbers with links to all of your delivery statuses.
My tracking number isn't recognized. Now what?
We continue to add new carriers and new number identification rules. We watch number identification exceptions closely and tweak our rules when needed. Feel free to email us if you have a carrier or number that you'd like us to check on.
Are there any limitations?
YOMYPACKAGE will only check on a package for 7 days after you enter it. After 7 days the tracking number is ignored.
Where can I get more information?
Follow @yomypackage or @scottumsted on Twitter. Or email me at Scott Umsted, at
Can I rely on YOMYPACKAGE?
This is an app that sends a Yo. Please don't complain too much if it doesn't work for you. See our terms for more information.